Heather Anne Lomax Premieres “Better Luck” from Forthcoming Album ‘All This Time’

American Songwriter is proud to premiere this new single from an artist we’ve loved for a long time, as have so many here in Los Angeles and beyond, Heather Anne Lomax. One of the most expressive vocalists around, she combines the sweet folky purity of Joan Baez with the rocking soul of Janis Joplin with hints of Patsy Cline and Linda Ronstadt.

For years we knew her as Michael-Ann. Now the name has changed, but the spirit remains. A seriously gifted songwriter, she’s finished a new album of originals to be released in May, All This Time. We’re happy to bring you today the first single, “Better Luck.”

Asked to discuss the choice of this song and its origins, she offered these words:

HEATHER ANNE LOMAX: As children we all believe we can leap tall buildings. and that our dreams can turn into reality. Unfortunately, as we grow older, many times we encounter those who transfer their fears of failure onto us. There are many pitfalls along the way and those who play with the mind, the heart, can all derail your sense of self. 

This song is about falling seven times and rising again. It is about having the courage to cast your fears aside-despite the naysayers-and having the courage to face them and shine.”

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It started out as a guitar riff that I kept hearing over and over again in my head. It was a very long redundant song at first but was graciously “pruned” and arranged by Zachary Ross.

The music you hear in the verses got stuck in my head like a needle on a record player that keeps skipping.  I went over to Zach’s place and we worked on it a bit. He really helped bring this song to life with the arrangement.

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Got a rocket
In my back pocket
Full of wishes
Better luck next time

I had the vision of carrying a bottle rocket in my back pocket when I was a kid in the Midwest. My brother and I used to have bottle rocket wars with our neighbors. It’s symbolic about the launching of hope, and how sometimes the rocket’s path can derail, but still creates a spectacular explosion in the air.

For more info: www.heatherannelomax.com

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