Rachel Platten Shares Stunning Motherly Wisdom on New Single “Girls”

Just in time for Mother’s Day, singer-songwriter Rachel Platten is delivering stunning matriarchal wisdom in the form of a new song, “Girls,” her first single in nearly three years and maybe her most poignant yet. “The song first came whispering to me as a little trickle of an idea,” the “Fight Song” star shared of the track’s journey in a post on social media. “I started playing these classical-sounding chords and humming a melody not knowing where I was going.”

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With the help of a solid team and guidance from her family, she explained, “Girls” came to be. The result is an intimate conversation between mother and daughter, meant for the artist’s own children, but one that can resonate with us all.

Hope you always know your worth, she opens the simple, yet powerful song, her hands dancing over the keys, Though I know that life can hurt / Hope you know that you can turn to each other / Hope you learn to trust your voice / Make mistakes and make some noise / Hope you never lose your joy or your hunger.

“Girls” was recorded in a single take, coming to life “simply by being me at my most raw,” Platten describes in her post. The stark ballad vibrates with love as words of intention, resilience, and strength pour from the artist.

Girls, you were born to run / To reach the stars and chase the sun / Girls, you are wild and free / The wind is at your back, the world is at your feet, she sings in the chorus, her voice building from a delicate lilt to a powerful bellow.

“Girls” is just a taste of what is to come from the artist. Platten is polishing a forthcoming album that promises more of her trademark empowering pop anthems. Listen to the single below.

Photo by Nick Whitmill / Courtesy of 2b Entertainment

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