Randy Houser Tells The Story Behind “In God’s Time”

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Country star Randy Houser feels “In God’s Time,” his latest single, came to him by divine inspiration. Below, Houser shares the story of how he came to write the powerful and timely track:

I had the idea for “In God’s Time” in my head for a while, and I kept kinda singing the line “In God’s Time…,” over and over. You have to understand, when this song manifested it was really a testament to what I’d been going through last year –from wondering what was going on in my life, to asking when things would work out and when I would be happy. Even though I was having success as an artist, it really surprised me that I wasn’t finally happy. I thought being successful would make me happy, and it didn’t. Then it hit me. I realized that God gave me the gift to do what I do for a living, and I remember thinking that if I was going to truly be happy it was going to be Him that made me happy: I was going to have to do what I do while remembering Him while I did it.

So, like I said, I had the line “In God’s Time” on my heart, and on this particular day I was writing with Shane Minor and David Lee Murphy. We wrote another song in about two hours, and I knew that David’s wife wanted him to get home because something was wrong with their truck, so I remember thinking he had to leave the writing session. Shane and I were just sitting there talking and I said, “So I have this idea,” and I played the first chord and sang “In God’s Time.” I said to Shane, “I’m supposed to write this song. Do y’all want to stay?” We all just looked at each other. David—who had been packing up his guitar to leave—unpacked it and the next thing we knew, the song just wrote itself.

The song is about knowing that many times the things that we want in life are wanted for selfish reasons, and it’s about realizing that the things we think we want aren’t really meant for us because later on, down the road, there’s something even great that He has planned. We may not even see it because what’s coming ahead is so great. I think we have a tendency to get caught up in that, and that’s partly why the song was written.

The song touches people for different reasons, but everyone has little miracles in their life that happen when they least expect it—the things that we want to happen versus what we need to happen.

For me, this song is about helping people, and myself, realize that things happen when God wants them to.


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