Review: TV on The Radio And Broken Social Scene, Nashville, TN, 9/14/2011

TV On The Radio

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TV on The Radio And Broken Social Scene At The Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN 9/14/2011

Broken Social Scene strolled ten deep onto the stage to a surprisingly small crowd. As the crowd grew, they came in and remained standing. BSS built their set up with great groove and intensity through subtlety. With as many as four guitars going at once and instrument swaps where guitar players became horn players, they faithfully recreated the dense and textured sound that make their records so interesting. BSS played songs from throughout their catalog, but leaned heavy on their alt. rock classic You Forgot It In People. Everyone that came in towards the end were smacking themselves for sure.


TV on the Radio took the stage fairly quickly soon after with the modern take on spacey soul rock. Their sound is dense, angular and large in scope. Playing mostly songs from their new record Nine Types of Light, they lived up to their critic’s darling status. The vocals were a tad muddy in the mix, but that only added to the mysterious metaphysical quality of the lyrics. Highlights were “Shout Me Out,” “Killer Crane” and “Repetition.” “My repetition is this” became like a zen mantra as the audience yelled along and the band inverted the groove and showed off some serious chops. A top-notch lighting design sealed the deal. Two great bands, impressive show.


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