Serena Ryder Drops “Better Now” Ahead of Upcoming Record, ‘The Art of Falling Apart’

Canadian singer-songwriter and wellness advocate, Serena Ryder, guides weary listeners through a universally tough year with her new single, “Better Now.”

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This final single encapsulates Ryder’s mental wellness journey—the basis of her upcoming album, The Art of Falling Apart due March 12. Raw vocals introduce a few findings from the artist’s personal tribulations that suggest that she is, infact, capable of positive change. Ryder exhibits growing strength through momentous instrumentation that surmounts as she makes peace with herself and her ability to love herself and others who are deserving. 

“I used to believe the road to health was an all or nothing road,” she explains. “Now I know it’s the little choices, the small steps, breaths, that lead to the big healing. The song is about how I decided to live a sober life and sit with my pain when it comes, rather than swallow it or push it down. I have found so much transformation through sitting in the uncomfortable moments, rather than running away. I love myself better now, and because of that, I love the people in my life better now.” 

Every track on The Art of Falling Apart is a step on her journey—a venture toward sobriety and self-love.  

“Some, of course, are more enjoyable than others, but each is integral to getting me to where I am now,” says Ryder.  The artist believes that “Better Now” and the last track “Back To Myself” best encompass these personal milestones. 

“Candy” delivered a taste of her vulnerability when released as an introductory single in July. In October she shared “Waterfall”—a slow-building groove that carries an impending steadiness until the chorus pinnacles, unleashing pent-up emotion. The release represents her learning to cry. She also released her collaboration with Adria Kain on “Candy” along with the remix collaboration on “Waterfall” with the legendary icon Melissa Etheridge. 

“Honestly, I’ve found that all roads either lead us towards or away from ourselves,” she adds.
“I think what shows my growth is that I now believe that neither direction is better or worse. I now appreciate the journey, and I write my songs from that place.” 

Acknowledging the shit show that was 2020 and the turn of this new year, Ryder admits the lack of physical connection planted a deep sense of “something missing.” She is among the most prominent singer-songwriter’s in Canada. The six-time Juno Award winning artist, who has also co-hosted the award show, credits her creative community for the inspiration that progressed her musical journey. 

“The silver lining, however, is that this deep sense of loss has created a deep gratitude for connections whenever they happen now,” says Ryder. “I’ve actually been finding my online connections have become much deeper and more vulnerable. I do feel that this collective heartbreak the world is experiencing is making so many of us more compassionate and transparent. I can’t wait to get back on tour and greet everyone with more gratitude because of this.”

Watch the music video for Serena Ryder’s latest “Better Now,” below. The Art of Falling Apart is slated for release March 12.

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