Sheryl Crow Embraces Country Music With “Easy”

Sheryl Crow

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Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, Sheryl Crow debuted the first song off her upcoming album with new record label, Warner Music Nashville. The new album is rumored to be a country record through and through, but the song she played last night, “Easy,” certainly wouldn’t have sounded out of place on some of Crow’s earlier releases.

The few concessions to a more overtly country sound, such as the pedal steel accents and the way the final chorus starts by dropping much of the music away before rising back up for the big finish, are more cosmetic changes than anything else. Crow’s still maintains a laid-back vibe and her ability to make songs that are going to sound fine coming out of the car radio.

“Easy” is a simple enough ode to spending time at home with the one you love rather than splurging on some exotic locale. Crow makes it sound pretty inviting when she sings, “We’ll put on bug spray and we’ll lose our clothes/Put out the lawn chair and turn on the hose.” “Who needs Mexico?” she sings. “Baby, let’s stay home.”

Those expecting drastic changes may not see the big deal here. Maybe the rest of the album will dial up the twang to another level, but “Easy” sounds like Sheryl Crow absolutely in a comfort zone, and that’s always a good thing.


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