Ty Trehern Premieres “Sleep” Off Of Forthcoming ‘Dear Dichotomy’

Musician Ty Trehern comes from the small town of Long Beach, Mississippi. But the electronics-kissed alternative rock he creates offers the impression of an artist aiming for adulation in the pages of the iconic English music paper the New Musical Express.

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On October 23, Trehern will showcase the full spectrum of his musicality when his latest LP, Dear Dichotomy, hits digital platforms. For the singer, the album serves as his most forthcoming and revelatory collection of tunes to date.

“I began writing this record with the intention of being honest and vulnerable with myself and with anyone who chooses to listen to the stories that these songs tell,” he explains. “After over a year and a half of working tirelessly, we were able to create something from a genuine and personal place that does that kind of honesty and vulnerability justice. This album is the byproduct of navigating through different thoughts, feelings and emotions that I’ve experienced for quite some time now, all while exploring new parts of me that I didn’t know were there to begin with, and learning to find comfort in their coexistence.”

American Songwriter is proud to premiere the final single off Dear Dichotomy “Sleep” a day before it becomes available for public consumption. For Trehern, this song set the scene for the new directions he and collaborator Jonathan Dolese had been embarking upon in the studio.

“This song is special to me for several reasons,” he tells American Songwriter. “It was the first song that we completed while working on the album, and it signified a turning point in the process where Jonathan and I realized that we were creating something significantly different from what we had worked on with earlier material.

“It’s also one of the darker songs on the record that has a really interesting and haunting atmosphere to it,” he continues. “That was a lot of fun to experiment with because I was able to tap into a new dimension of my songwriting that I haven’t touched upon before. Creatively speaking, that’s always extremely liberating. Lyrically, the song focuses on a very specific byproduct of the conflict that comes along with having internal differences: quite literally being kept awake at night by that conflict and the overarching anxiety that comes with it.”

For more information on this fresh new voice of the new New American South, visit his website at tytrehernmusic.com or on his socials.

Dear Dichotomy comes out October 23. Pre-save it.

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