Song Premiere: Bow Thayer & Perfect Train Wreck, “Eden” (Live)

bow thayer
The Band: Bow Thayer & Perfect Train Wreck, purveyors of “green mountain soul.”
The Song: “Eden,” the title track to the band’s latest studio album, from Eden: Live At The Chandler, which finds Thayer and co. recreating the entire LP live.
Fun Fact: Thayer founded the Tweed River Music Festival, a multi-day celebration of grassroots music in Stockbridge, Vermont.
 Songwriter Says: Allow us to get deep for a moment. “The song ‘Eden’ shows a young poet roaming the desolate, post-apocalyptic landscape looking for Eden. He is informed by a two-headed snake, the symbol of man’s polarity (good and evil) that he is ‘already there,'” explains Thayer. “It is suggested that human technology has superseded the laws of nature and has turned on itself thus canceling out human existence. The song is loaded with Biblical references.

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“Some of these references in the song are: ‘forty-three miles…’ I was forty-three when I wrote this song, but forty-three also adds up to seven which is important because in the Bible this is the day when God rested after creating the universe, it could also relate to the seven deadly sins. There is also a reference to the  ‘greatest story ever told’ or ‘the worst I have heard.’ Of course there is the snake, and I could not resist the pun of ‘splitting Atom’ or Adam; Eve could also relate to ‘eve of destruction.’ The moral of the song is in its last lyrics ‘Be good to your mother, don’t pick fights with yourself”.’


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