Song Premiere: bree, “You Can’t Take The Heart Out Of Me”

Countless musicians grew up in small towns, listening to the sounds of their parents’ classic rock records while dreaming of a bigger, better place. For bree, though, childhood was anything but normal. Before she became a hard-rocking, ball-busting redhead with a Gibson Flying V guitar, she was the daughter of a cult leader in Harrisburg, OR. Bree’s mother died when she was 6, and her dad kicked her out of the house 11 years later, when bree broke one of the cult’s rules by getting a boyfriend.

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Nowadays, she’s the leader of a power trio, and she funnels those childhood memories into shuffling, ’70s-influenced rock songs like “You Can’t Take The Heart Out Of Me.” Maybe she’s singing to her dad, or maybe she’s directing the song to the record industry in general.

“Anyone who creates will eventually find themselves in the position of either sticking to their guns or conforming,” she says.  “There are strong reasons for doing either, and it is the defining personal choice for any artist.  I am not a conformist and I wrote ‘You Can’t Take The Heart Out Of Me’ as kind of a Declaration Of Independence to myself.”

Look for bree’s debut album, All-American Girl, on June 18.

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