Song Premiere: Emily and The Complexes “Jersey City Blues”

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

Emily and the Complexes
The Artist: Emily and The Complexes
The Song: “Jersey City Blues” from Dirty Southern Love, out August 19th
Fun Fact: Frontman Tyler Verhagen spent several years hitch-hiking across the country and playing on street corners before forming a band with his childhood friends in Columbus, Ohio. 
Songwriter Says: “I got the idea to write the song about a year ago after Tom, our drummer, told me about an article he read about how a New Jersey bar switched out scotch for rubbing alcohol with caramel coloring in it,” says Verhagen. “I thought it was pretty funny in sort of a dark way, and as far as I’m concerned that might be the best basis for a song. I guess I strive to put things into songs that on first listen might feel weird and maybe even out of place, but upon further thought you find yourself smirking and chuckling to yourself.”

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