Song Premiere: Goodnight, Texas, “Jesse Got Trapped in a Coal Mine”

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Folk-rock duo Goodnight, Texas hail from San Francisco, and named themselves after the Texas town that lies equidistant from Chapel Hill (where band member Patrick Dyer Wolf is from) and San Francisco. Check out their single”Jesse Got Trapped in a Coal Mine,” from their upcoming album A Long Life Of Living, out October 2.

“My family is from Western Maryland and Northern West Virginia and I grew up hearing stories more or less like ‘Jesse Got Trapped in a Coal Mine’ about distant relatives of mine,” Avi Vinocur tells American Songwriter.

“As a kid I would pore over our collections of 19th century tintype photographs of relatives and friends of our family, and I became fascinated with life that long ago. It seemed so dark and beautiful, but unknown: the clothes, the weathered faces. That fascination became a theme for this new record of ours. To me, ‘Jesse’ is like one of those family stories – you’ll never know if it really happened that way, but you choose to pass it down anyway.”

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