Song Premiere: Jay Stolar, “Like You Do”

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More Than We Think, the debut album from former Julius C frontman and Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Jay Stolar, is set to be released later this year and if “Like You Do” is any indication, he’s about to be hit with a whole lot of buzz. Matching upbeat melody with soulful Blakean (James, not William) vocals, “Like You Do” is rich in harmony and ooh-ooh-ooh-oohs (on “you,” naturally) complemented by the increasingly rousing rhythms.

As for the end product, says Stolar, “I really wanted to capture the idea that true faith lies beneath a veil of doubt. I think we all face that in relationships. We get scared and try to pull away but once we really face that fear, and give in to it, that’s when real love is possible. I think the double meaning of the phrase ‘like you do’ helps to get that point across. In the verses ‘like you do’ is coming out of fear, but by the end of the song ‘like you do’  is coming from a place of awe and excitement.”


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