Song Premiere: Moonsville Collective, “Alright By Me”

Photo by Martin Vielma
Photo by Martin Vielma

Making a living as a musician is no easy feat. Los Angeles string band Moonsville Collective don’t take their success for granted, celebrating their musical accomplishments with a new tune, “Alright By Me.” Off the first, Moonsville I, in a four-volume series of EPs, the track is a feel-good ode to wanting what you have.

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“‘Alright By Me’ is about trying to understand what success means,” the band’s Corey Adams says. “You have a dream, you chase it, things pan out the way that they do, and every once in a while you step back and take it all in. When so much of your energy is preoccupied with what you think success is, it’s hard to just be in the present moment. The memories you are making, the people you choose to have in your life—these things can make you extremely grateful and more content. And that’s what I want. At the end of the day, whether the marquees get bigger and cleaner or not, playing music with my closest friends is enough. That’s the silver lining.”

Listen to “Alright by Me” below.

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