Song Premiere: Railroad Earth, “Chasin’ A Rainbow”

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.

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From the sound of it, New Jersey-based newgrass jam band Railroad Earth had an interesting year. Vocalist and lead songwriter Todd Sheaffer describes 2013 as a year filled with some very strange omens.

“It was the year of rainbows,” Sheaffer writes in an e-mail to American Songwriter. “Change was in the air and they kept appearing — literally. They kept appearing –symbolically. They kept appearing — mysteriously, single and double at oddly appropriate and curious times. At a moment that would send a chill down your spine. I wondered why. I thought maybe it signified something.

“I’d had an interesting conversation with a stranger in the mountains and he’d said ‘follow the signs, Todd. It had stuck with me. I thought maybe it all meant something.I thought maybe a lost friend was trying to say hello, send a message, reassurance. They’re rainbows! What folly and vanity to think a rainbow is there to convey a personal communication! but still . . it was the year of rainbows, which coulda been the album title.”

“Why do we do what we do? What keeps us going? all the effort and perseverance that life demands. like Don Quixote I put on my lance and shield, mounted my faithful steed and went chasing the rainbows.”

We can dig it. Listen to “Chasin’ A Rainbow,” a track off of Last of the Outlaws, the band’s latest release, out today, and see if you can dig it too.

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