Sorry Gets Innovative On Slithery New Single “Snakes”

London locals Asha Lorenz and Louis O’Bryen currently have the eyes and ears of many in the indie world. Why? Because the duo — who are the masterminds behind the band Sorry — is currently working on their highly-anticipated debut LP, 925, which drops on March 27 via Domino.

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They gained the attention and anticipation of indie-heads, in part, because of the exciting slurry of singles that have been coming out ahead of 925 — the newest of which is an innovative and swaggering track titled “Snakes.” 

Taking a different tone than Sorry’s previous singles, “Snakes” hits a sweet spot that shines both musically and lyrically. The union between Lorenz’s lyrics, delivery and melodic lilts perfectly creates a palpable atmosphere. When you add in other innovative layers such as trap hi-hats and stylistic glitches, you start to see the transportive quality of Sorry’s music; every song sends the listener to a metaphysical location that only Sorry knows how to find. 

Considering all of that while watching the mesmerizing music video for “Snakes” further makes it clear as to why 925 is such a highly-anticipated record. Directed by Lorenz, the video features an actual snake and a series of images that match the mood of the song perfectly.

As the indie world enters the ‘20s, new sounds and styles are being defined, and Sorry is certainly on the front lines, so to speak. Their sound is equal-parts reminiscent of the uniquely American lo-fi of (Sandy) Alex G and the distinctly British tonality of many of their London peers. Universal in their appeal, Sorry is a band that should be on your radar.

Watch the music video for Sorry’s new single “Snakes” below: 

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