Sublime With Rome Announce Farewell Album; Bradley Nowell’s Son to Head New Wave

Sublime With Rome, which consists of the band Sublime and Rome Ramirez, announced their final tour and inevitable disbandment several weeks ago. Luckily, fans will get more than a tour for a solid sendoff. 

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The band just announced their final album Self-Titled, out on May 10. The LP also features the single “Love is Dangerous,” which Sublime With Rome just released ahead of the album.

Ramirez recently explained what the album’s first single is all about. “‘Love Is Dangerous’ explores the vulnerabilities we face when we love someone,” said Ramirez. “As a touring musician, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle, but writing this song was like therapy for me.’”

Ramirez went on to say that life “isn’t just about chasing success in my career or art—it’s about taking time to connect with the people I care about.” He went on to say that sometimes the only thing we can really do is slow down and listen to the people we loves’ hearts, which might be a poetic way of explaining the band’s departure.

Sublime also recently announced just last year that they were reuniting with Bradley Nowell’s son Jakob Nowell as lead vocalist. Bradley Nowel, the original lead singer of Sublime, passed away in 1996.

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The upcoming tour final will feature Ramirez, Joe Tomino, Brian Allen, and Gabrial McNair. The tour will launch on April 11 in Catoosa, Oklahoma and run through September 14, ending in Kansas City, Missouri. Fans can expect the band to play their greatest hits plus a few tracks from their upcoming final album.

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