Tanya Tucker Shares Sweet Moment With Country Legend Kris Kristofferson

While Kris Kristofferson wrote songs like “Me and Bobby McGee” and “For the Good Times”, the country singer also helped form the iconic supergroup The Highwayman. The group not only consisted of Kristofferson, but he shared the stage with other icons like Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson. Given the star power of each singer, the band seemed to drive the outlaw country movement of the time. Eventually inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, it seems that Kristofferson is enjoying his later years as another country music icon, Tanya Tucker, recently shared a picture of the two together. 

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Much like Kristofferson, Tucker knows the price of stardom as she dominated country music with songs like “What’s Your Mama’s Name?” and “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane.” Also gaining entry into the Country Music Hall of Fame, the singer decided to post a picture of herself and Kristofferson enjoying some sunshine and laughs. 

Representing the vintage era of country music, fans gushed over the picture and the memories it brought to the surface. Comments included, “@kkristofferson is one of my favorite people! I have so many amazing memories of both of you. Have a wonderful trip!” Another person added, “One of the greatest songwriters ever. That is all.” And one comment read, “ You two should write a song together.” 

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Kris Kristofferson Lived With Lyme Disease For Years

Just a few years ago, Kristofferson made headlines when news broke the country singer suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. While fans rallied around the star, it was eventually revealed that he was misdiagnosed. His wife, Lisa Meyers, discussed how her husband suffered from muscle spasms for thirty years. “We suspect he’s been infected with Lyme anywhere from fourteen to thirty years because he used to have these chronic muscle spasms, which is a common symptom. We were in LA at the time, in Malibu, and I just don’t think doctors were looking for it or aware of it there then. But now we know it’s everywhere. There are signs on my local playground that say beware of ticks.”

Trying an array of treatments, Meyers eventually sought help. “After a year of iron supplements and seeing a hematologist, he just wasn’t healthy-looking so I took him to an integrative doctor, Mark Filidei, at Whitaker Wellness Institute.” She added, “Upon examining Kris and watching the muscles in his forearms constantly twitching, he announced, ‘He’s got Lyme disease’”.

While once in pain, under the right treatment, Kristofferson eventually found relief and is currently enjoying his life. And with Tucker by his side, he seems to be back to his old self. 

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