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Check out our full “Twitterview” with up-and-coming country artist Frankie Ballard. You asked the questions and we collected the answers.

AmerSongwriter: Do you remember the first song you wrote and how old were you? (@Justgina59)

FrankieBallard: I was 18 years old when I wrote my first song and it was called Old Virginia Lime…if you can call it a song!

AmerSongwriter: When did you start playing guitar? Was it hard to learn? (@HollyFolkerts)

FrankieBallard: When I was a senior in HS I started playing and it was hard at first, but I just kept wrenching on it!

AmerSongwriter: When can fans expect to hear more songs you have written? (@Donna121783)

FrankieBallard: New songs very soon! I’m gonna throw some acoustic versions up on Youtube to see what yall think!

AmerSongwriter: You’ve opened for both Bob Seger and Taylor Swift this year. What’s one thing that’s changed in your live show?

FrankieBallard: Being on these tours has made me a better performer! I find myself doing Seger moves and wishing I had Taylors BG dancers 🙂

AmerSongwriter: What was it like making your debut at The Grand Ole @Opry in January?

FrankieBallard: Making my Opry debut was a total honor, and it sounds cliche… but it was a dream come true 🙂

AmerSongwriter: You’ve said you’re a huge #Elvis fan. What’s your favorite Elvis song and why? (@AliceNcle)

FrankieBallard: My fav Elvis song is Burnin Love. I first learned it when I was 5 from the Aloha from Hawaii concert…

AmerSongwriter: Your guitar skills are unbelievable!  Who was the most influential guitarist you listen to? (@NashvilleKate)

FrankieBallard: Stevie Ray Vaughan opened up a whole new world for me musically. I still find myself reachin for SRV licks!

AmerSongwriter: Growing up in Michigan, where Detroit “Motown Sound” & rock r king, how did you come to love country music? (@CMTRadioSam)

FrankieBallard: My Dad turned me on to Outlaw country when I was little….there’s a lot of country fans in motown:)

AmerSongwriter: What was it about country music that made you say “this is the genre I want to be a part of”?

FrankieBallard: I just love how country music relates to the listeners! it’s so real…also, when I started writing, that’s what came out!

AmerSongwriter: Do you have any advice for people thinking about learning to play the guitar?

FrankieBallard: If ur learnin 2 play guitar there’s one thing u need to know….it’s all about trigger time! keep your hands on that guitar!


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