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American Songwriter kicked off its new interview series Friday – conducted directly through Twitter with questions submitted by fans – with singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash. Cash recently took home Album of the Year for The List at the 2010 Americana Music Awards.

We selected the top questions to ask Cash, and selected one participant to receive the Woody Guthrie box set My Dusty Road.

A big thank-you to Rosanne and everyone who submitted questions. Here is a transcript of the Twitterview.

Is there a song you’ve always wanted to write but haven’t yet?

The song I’ve always wanted to write is the one I dream, and can’t remember when I wake up. They’re perfect.

What kind of modern music moves you when writing, like Rap, Punk, etc?

I listen to e’thing: bluegrass to Arvo Part. Sometimes to get inspired I just play it LOUD.

Your 1st hit (w/B.Bare) was pure country Did U receive backlash from purists RE:style of “7 Yr Ache”?

Maybe there was tiny backlash that it ‘wasn’t country’ but they quickly got on board when it was a big hit!

Do you plan to do record/tour with the current and new generations of the Carter-Cash family?

No. It’s a separate entity. I have guested on the June Carter tribute, etc, but I have a full plate.

What songs/songwriter in 2010 have inspired/impressed you? U say Cory Chisel often, any others?

LOVE Cory Chisel. Revere E.Costello, love the new disc. Alejandro Escovedo, Steve Earle, Patti Griffin, more. .. also re 2010, I love my daughter’s record and her writing, Chelsea Crowell. Really enjoyed Mynabirds as well.

Have u written any songs by having an idea for the ending (last verse) first?

Interesting. I might have idea for overarching theme, feeling to end, to tie things up, but not last verse.

Did u ever considered stand-up comedy as a career, I find lots of your tweets very lol?

Like I’m not enough of a dilettante? VERY flattering question but I’d take up ballet before stand-up.

What helps inspire you with your music?

Staying awake to my own life. There is so much that is precious, mysterious; Music, art, quantum physics!

What’s your experience w/stage fright/how do you manage it? What makes you nervous today?

Don’t have much stage fright; it’s more energy, anticipation. Lincoln Center, C Hall, make me nervous.

What do you want to be remembered for?

For being a good mother, a person of integrity & passion, for having a lot of love. I hope.


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  1. I loved Rosanne cash’s music the 1’st time i heard it at the moose lodge in St.Helens,Oregon, back in the 80’s. Rosanne cash/ Rodney Crowell threw all of us for a loop when they acually did show up for our thanksgiving get together7 after eating we all played rack-o. I hope Rosanne cash gets this message; remember i told you your own music sounded better.( alan) Rosanne if you get this i am also on facebook: [email protected]

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