The Dales Change Their Tune With “Easy Times”

The Dales, a genre twist between Americana and vintage rock, recently released their new single “Easy Times” – the title track from the upcoming EP available on January 10, 2020. The track is a tremendous follow-up from the year-old debut album and has a late-70s, early-80s vibe that is both uplifting and classic. It is also a bit of a stark contrast from what had been previously released by the band.

Drew Lawrence, co-founder of the group, told American Songwriter that the song is about overcoming obstacles and being optimistic about the future.

Easy Times is about breaking through,” he said. “Getting past the challenges and hurdles that come up in life and in relationships.  Seeing the light on the other side while being present and aware when it seems like storm has passed.”

Produced by The Dales, all five of the songs on Easy Times focuses on affirmation and encouragement, a soundtrack that urges the listener to get on with the business of life and not get bogged down in disappointment and hard times. 

In that spirit of moving forward, the new EP finds the Dales reemerged as a trio, returning to their roots and emphasizing their tight-knit harmonies – a key component of their seminal sound. 

Singer/guitarist Preston Pope, who along with Lawrence and new Dales member, singer Jackie 
Tozzi makes up the band’s creative core, offered his take on the transition.

“We tried a few different angles with this record,” he reflects. “It was a challenge and at times, it felt like we were searching in the dark. Ultimately we made a determined decision to strip things to an essential additives and simply go back to basics — that is, melodies and lyrics that convey a more hopeful view of life and its possibilities.”

Easy Times is the follow up to The Dales’ acclaimed 2018 debut album Marie. Where that album shared a story of heartache and hardship in thewake of a personal tragedy, Easy Times changes its tune, both literally and figuratively. The melodies are as alluring, irresistible and accessible as always, but there’s a decided sense of optimism and exuberance ringing through these carefully crafted songs, each of which offers an assured antidote for troubled times.  

The L.A. based trio first came to prominence with the single “Still The Love”and drew the attention of national media including NPR, Parade and Paste. Grammy nominated producer Jerry Streeter (The Lumineers, Brandi Carlile) was so impressed with the band that he signed on to produce TheDales’ debut. Continued touring has taken them across the country headlining shows and sharing the stages with such acts as Marc Broussard, White Buffalo and Cris Jacobs. 

Now, with Easy Times on the horizon, The Dales are eagerly embracing a new phase in their career. 

“We’ve redefined ourselves as astute observers,” Lawrence said. “Maybe that’s our role going forward, to give hope and encouragement at a time we need it most. Maybe it’s a mark of maturity. Whatever the case, we think we’ve found our niche.”

Easy Times will be released on January 10, 2020

The Dales will kick off their winter tour on November 2nd in San Francisco, CA; for more information visit  

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