The John Legend Revelation That ‘The Voice’ Winner Asher HaVon Says “Hits Me in My Gut” and “Ignites a Fire to My Destiny”

Even before Asher HaVon won The Voice, he understood the pressure that comes with performing on the stage. Having shared his voice with his church choir over the years, the singer also performed in front of former President Barrack Obama when he visited Selma, Alabama. Eventually finding his way to The Voice, the winner explained how he entered the competition broken and how John Legend’s father offered him high praise with Legend calling him the “Best vocalist in the competition.” 

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Although HaVon teamed with Reba McEntire to dominate season 25 of The Voice, Legend understood the power behind the singer’s voice. And caring about the music, Legend revealed during the competition, “My dad texted me this week and said, ‘Asher is the Voice,’ Now, I’m a little biased toward my team, but I will say this: No matter what other factors people are voting on, I think you’re the best vocalist in this competition. And you show that with every song, no matter what you sing.”

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Speaking with Parade, HaVon shared his thoughts on the compliment and how it helped solidify his destiny as a singer. “I’ve never heard that in my life. Of course, I believe in myself and I think that I do well. I think I do well because if you practice at something, you become really good at it. So, I think I’m a good singer because I’ve practiced all my life. But it’s different from when your Mama tells you that. She’s your Mama and she’s supposed to say nice things, but when John Legend’s dad says it, it hits me in my gut and almost ignites a fire to my destiny…”

Asher HaVon Shares He Felt Safe In Reba McEntire’s “Smile”

While gaining high praise throughout the competition, HaVon explained how he continued to struggle with imposter syndrome. Not believing he belonged there, he insisted, “I didn’t feel worthy to be here. I thought it was a joke. I thought they felt sorry for me. They heard my sad story and they had me on the show. Getting the chair turn was the greatest validation I’ve ever received in my life. For no one to know what I look like, but only my voice alone touching these mega stars to turn around. And when Reba turned around and our eyes locked and that smile, I felt safe in a smile that felt familiar and warm.”

With HaVon’s voice and Reba’s guidance, it seemed the perfect match as the singer eventually found himself the latest winner of The Voice.

(The Voice, 2024)

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  1. It was gracious of John Legend to acknowledge Asher’s enormous talent, at the possible expense of the singers on his team. And, I think his endorsement was meaningful in Asher’s well-deserved victory. Several singers in the most recent competition were deserving. Karen Waltrup, Josh Sanders, and Nathan Chester, in particular, gave strong performances, demonstrating lifetimes of dedication to developing and sustaining their natural gifts. Any one of them would have been a more predictable choice for the Voice audience. Aside from abandoning his wigs, Asher had the courage to stick with his non-binary image. That fans were able to look past Asher’s androgyny while acknowledging his undeniable talent sends a very positive message: in spite of the current, reactionary, intolerant backlash against LGBTQ folks, the majority of us are evolving, more willing to accept and affirm folks as they truly are. Asher’s victory brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t have been happier, not just for him, but for an all-too-often maligned and threatened marginalized community.

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