Matthew West Shares How ‘The Power of Story’ is the Basis of His New Podcast

With tours cancelled and more free time on his hands, Christian artist Matthew West decided to move forward in an avenue of storytelling he’d always kept limited to an idea – starting his own podcast. 

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“The Matthew West Podcast,” in participation with the Annie F. Downs’ network That Sounds Fun, will be a weekly release, on Wednesdays, featuring interviews of other artists, songwriters and speakers to hear their testimonies, the message behind their work, and to answer fans questions, West told American Songwriter. 

A few guests on the podcast will include Sadie Robertson, speaker and author, originally from the TV series “Duck Dynasty,” and contestant on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars,” Mark Hall from Casting Crowns, and individuals who inspired some of West’s own songwriting. 

West said the podcast is motivated by what he called “the power of story.” 

“When we experience somebody else’s story, we find hope for our own,” West explained. “That’s really the genesis of The Matthew West Podcast – carrying my love for storytelling into the podcast format, which is really all about story, and then incorporating music in a unique way.”

The podcast will primarily include three segments. First, an invitation for guests on the episode to tell their story and walk listeners through their life-defining moments. Second, an opportunity for those artists and creators to dive into the stories behind their songs, and the elements that went into creating their various projects. Finally, each episode will conclude with advice from West’s dad on topics regarding faith and life. 

Once a month the weekly episode will change format into a more casual setting where West said he will answer questions from listeners on a wide range of topics including his music, songwriting inspiration and even give those listeners a chance to share their own stories. This session is in honor of the Q&A time he would hold while touring, West noted. 

Thematically in line with his latest album, “Brand New,” West said he wants guests and listeners to explain what he called their “blue couch,” moment. 

West explained that when he was younger, there was a blue couch in his home where he first sat and fully understood and accepted the Gospel. 

It’s those times of clarity and purpose that drive individuals to speak out on what they have been learning in their faith that West said he hopes to dive into through the podcast. 

“People have been made to feel like their story is insignificant, or their story doesn’t matter, or maybe their story is disqualified because they’ve messed up.” West said, “The purpose and heartbeat of this podcast is the same as the songs I write. It’s just to reach out into the crowd and pull out that individual who’s been made to feel like their story doesn’t matter and say, “no, your story matters because you’re here. You’re alive, you’re breathing, your heart is beating, God has you here for a reason, let’s make the most of the one life you get.” 

The podcast is available on all platforms, with four released episodes to date.

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