The Reverend Shawn Amos and The Brotherhood Premieres “Stranger Than Today”

Music has always been a way to discuss and question our world’s issues, whether it be Vietnam in the 1960’s, police brutality in the 90’s, or even today’s political climate. It serves as a platform to address what could make our society more peaceful. With that in mind, Shawn Amos made it a priority in his 2018 album ‘Breaks It Down.’

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With his newly formed band, The Brotherhood, Amos now goes back to his singer/songwriter roots while exploring himself in the group’s debut album, ‘Blue Sky.’

After making the move from Los Angeles to Texas, Amos found himself with an abundance of freedom that he had not felt before as an artist. This new free-spirited way of life created a desire to explore his past while still pursuing his future.

“On this album, I wanted to connect the dots between my current love of blues and my singer-songwriter past” says Amos. This new resurgence of energy could also be because of the new bond he now shares with his band. “I’m around people who make me feel safe, people I can lean on emotionally. It’s very much a collaborative process…I couldn’t imagine making this music with people who are not friends.”

This ten-track album is set to release April 17th. To give fans some insight as to what’s to come, “Stranger Than Today” is being released February 13th accompanied by a music video.

While the song itself has The Rev’s inspiring voice and lyrics, the music video features something personal for him; his 19-year old daughter, Piper Amos. Piper is a main staple in the ‘Blue Sky,’ singing on the album’s lead track and is also featured on the album’s cover art. The Rev said that he and Piper have “always connected deeply through music. She recently returned home for winter break from her first semester at college. We decided to take a road trip together. The last year has been filled with lots of changes for us. Still, we’re hanging tough together—as families do—despite the headwinds. We’re getting to know each other in our new worlds.” Check out the video below to get a behind-the-scenes look at this road trip as The Rev and his daughter travel the backroads of Texas in a convertible.

If ‘Blue Sky’ is anything like Amos’s previous collections, it will be a fan favorite all year long.

To stay up to date on the album release and other news surrounding Reverend Shawn Amos and The Brotherhood, visit him at or on social media @TheRevAmos.

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