The Top 10 Bad Bunny Songs

Chances are if you follow popular music, you’ve heard the name Bad Bunny lately.

Videos by American Songwriter

He’s only one of, if not the most popular artist of the past few years.

The artist, born Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, is a 28-year-old Puerto Rican rapper, songwriter, and singer. Known for his Latin trap and reggaeton music, the performer rose to fame in 2016 with his hit song “Diles.”

Here, we will dive into the artist’s best songs and verses from his multiple-time Grammy Award-winning career, which, itself, is really still just getting started.

1. “Diles”

The lyricist’s breakout track, this 2016 hit single, which features Spanish lyrics, has since gone on to amass nearly one billion YouTube streams alone. A romantic song built on frenetic rhythms, “Diles” boasts sensual harmonies and an urgency to just be human together.

2. “Soy Peor”

Another early breakout hit, “Soy Peor” from Bad Bunny has also garnered nearly one billion streams on YouTube alone. A seemingly unfathomable number for almost every other musician. Yet, Bad Bunny is capable of this on more than one occasion. This deep song, which also features Spanish lyrics, showcases why the musician is a four-time Latin Grammy Award winner.

3. “I Like It” (by Cardi B)

The song with the infamous emcee, Cardi B, and J Balvin cemented Bad Bunny as a force to be reckoned with in popular music. A colorful music video, “I Like It” has enough attitude to power a Caribbean cruise ship. Check out the work below (though you’ve probably heard it on the radio 1,000 times by now).

4. “Me Porto Bonito”

Sometimes the song makes the music video, sometimes the music video makes the song. Here, an unassuming visual begins with Bad Bunny washing a car but then fun ensues, coupled with excellent melodies and a sense that a neighborhood celebration is right around the corner. Spanish lyrics blend with sonic urgency in this sticky pop hit.

5. “Tití Me Preguntó”

Though Bad Bunny makes big pop hits, the song has an intimate quality, like he’s telling you a secret while delivering it with bombastic artistry. This is Bad Bunny’s true gift. Yes, he’s great with melody, production, visuals, and pop songs. But it’s a gift to make your audience feel like your friends as you bring all these to the table.

6. “Efecto”

A relatively new release from the acclaimed artist, “Efecto” echoes like a drug trip when you need it most. It’s been a long week. Maybe your heart is broken, maybe you lost your job, maybe your bank account is low. But here, Bad Bunny offers you a respite. Speaking to you in another language, he tells you it will be alright. Just lose yourself in the sounds.

7. “El Último Tour Del Mundo”

Boasting more than a billion streams on YouTube alone, this pulsing song demonstrates just how powerful Bad Bunny is. Seemingly, he could roll out of bed and create a song that booms in your brain for days on end. Effortlessness meets prowess on this hit.

8. “Callaíta”

“Callaíta” is like a phone call with a best friend, a lover. It revolves in your eardrums like a note of admiration. Then it brings an epic quality that the lyricist has come to be known for. You’re in the palm of his artistic hand. It’s mastery. Big, voluminous mastery.

9. “Neverita”

Let the music wash over you. Bask in it like waves. That’s what “Neverita” lets you do. So, follow along. It’s nostalgic and new all at once. A supreme pop genre trick.

10. “Moscow Mule”

Named after a tasty cocktail, this song goes down easy. And like the drink it’s named after, it satisfies and enlivens. Released earlier this year, “Moscow Mule” is yet another song that’s leaped up the tracks. But if that’s not important to you, let it cement itself in your party-loving heart.

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