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For those who venture completely into this Top 10 list of songs by the crossover singer/songwriter Jelly Roll, you will notice first the artist’s skill at connecting with people. And next, you will notice how diverse his songs are. From traditional rap to rock-country, trap, acoustic and more, Jelly Roll spreads his talents across a lot of territory.

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The 38-year-old Jelly Roll burst onto the national scene and took home three CMT Awards earlier this year in 2023. Now, he’s one of the hottest names in music.

Here below are the Nashville-born songwriter’s Top 10 songs.

1. “Need a Favor”

The lead single from Jelly Roll’s breakout 2023 album, Whitsitt Chapel, “Need a Favor” is so expertly crafted it almost hurts. The opening and closing lines of the track are a masterclass in simple, yet sublimely effective songwriting.

I only talk to God when I need a favor
And I only pray when I ain’t got a prayer

If I only talk to God when I need a favor?
But God, I need a favor

2. “Bottle and Mary Jane”

“Bottle and Mary Jane” from the artist’s 2020 album, A Beautiful Disaster, opens with a plucked electric guitar. The song is about pain, depression, and loss of possibility. Addiction takes hold. And the singer-rapper is indulging. Bad decisions. So many have been there, too.

3. “Save Me”

Showing his range and diversity as an artist, here Jelly Roll sheds his quick spittin’ to become more of a crooner. The song is about the grace he needs to survive. Released first in 2020, the artist released a new version with Lainey Wilson in 2023. Its passion made visible.

4. “Son of a Sinner”

Released on Jelly Roll’s 2021 record, Ballads of the Broken, “Son of a Sinner” was his first track in the country music genre. Embracing his Nashville roots, the song hit No. 1 on the Billboard Country charts, announcing a new voice in the genre.

5. “Wheels Fall Off”

From Jelly Roll’s 2017 album, Addiction Kills, “Wheels Fall Off” gets us back to the songwriter’s rap roots. Featuring a quick, snare-driven trap beat, Jelly Roll raps about pushing the limits. The music video offers a bit of a Bonnie & Clyde vibe.

6. “Creature”

“Creature” showcases Jelly Roll’s crossover potential. From his 2020 album, A Beautiful Disaster, the song features qualities from rap, alternative, and country. Jelly Roll bellows, growls. The song, which features Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko, sticks to your ribs.

7. “Hate Goes On”

The king of white trash is ’bout to act out! That’s how Jelly Roll introduces himself in the song. Hanging out in a barber shop, the artist showcases Black culture along with his own roots. We all need a fresh ‘do, and afterwards, it’s great to share a meal, ain’t it. This song is all about thriving despite those who wish you wrong.

8. “Dead Man Walking”

Jelly Roll’s first No. 1 song on rock radio, “Dead Man Walking” again shows his versatility. Electric guitars meet his distraught emotions. Again, the song is about pain and suffering. Addiction and living with less. Jelly Roll’s voice shows the growl that makes him so beloved in country.

9. “Smoking Section”

Have you ever wondered if Heaven had a smoking section? Well, Jelly Roll has. And he does so in “Smoking Section,” from his 2015 album, Therapeutic Music 5, the chorus of which again points to his bouts with addiction, depression, and musings with death. It’s a rough crossover hit, reminding of Bubba Sparxxx and Everlast.

10. “Only”

From the 2017 album, Addiction Kills, “Only” displays passion, worry, dispair, and a love of life. The culmination is confusion, focused in music. In other words, Jelly Roll in full. He sings, I only feel right when I’m doing wrong.

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