‘American Idol’ Star Emmy Russell Shares Vulnerable Video About “One of the Toughest” Moments of Her Life

With season 22 of American Idol promoting the Top 10 contestants, Emmy Russell continues to showcase her talents as she has been a top competitor throughout each episode. For many aspiring artists, they look to make a name for themselves on the show, but when it comes to Russell, she grew up around music royalty thanks to her grandmother Loretta Lynn. Not only spending time with her grandmother, Russell even performed with her on stage. But with the singer finding herself on the verge of becoming the next American Idol, she recently shared her thoughts on struggling with fear. 

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While on American Idol, Russell might seem composed as she tackles song after song, but she posted a video on Instagram, sharing some of her struggles. Considering music and singing to be some of the biggest obstacles in her life, Russell also pointed out the nerves and fear that comes with performing on American Idol. She discussed several ways she tried to combat fear, using control and sometimes even wanting to run away.

No Matter The Outcome, Emmy Russell Knows Her Path

Gaining thousands of likes, fans rallied around Russell as one fan explained how American Idol doesn’t define her. “Remember Emmy, Idol doesn’t define who you are. You are made in God’s image and just perfect the way God made you and He made you to be an amazing singer and songwriter. There is only 1 you!!!” Another fan added, “Your posts have me ready to hear the songs that you are bound to write in the future. You have something really special Emmy that is relatable to many… keep putting a melody to what your soul is feeling and just watch what happens.. and honestly who cares what anyone on American Idol thinks. Great opportunity but it’s here today and gone tomorrow. I’ll keep listening when it’s all over.”

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Although the end of American Idol is just a few weeks away, Russell seems to look past the show as she continues to grow a dedicated fanbase. Not knowing what the future holds for her and if she will find herself in the Top 5, Russell promised to keep moving forward. She told People, “I just want to keep on creating truthful art. I just want to keep on writing, and whether that’s singing the song or singing it and writing for other people, I want to do this. This American Idol experience has solidified, ‘Oh no, I want to do this for the rest of my life.'”   

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