Gypsybilly Pioneers The Vignatis Release ‘Red, White & Blue’

The new album comes with a message of unity

“These are unprecedented times in which we are living. We need unity, not division. Individually we can transform wherever we are into the Land of Eternally Tranquil Light.”

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That’s a message from Fabrice and Tracy, the married team best known as The Vignatis, pioneers of their own global hybrid, Gypsybilly. They have just released their long-awaited new album, and just in time for the 4th of July, Red, White & Blue.

Indeed it is a spirit of unity and not division at the core of their music. By merging, instead of segregating, music from different places, they have defined their own genre. It’s a joyful and hopeful fusion of cultures which says more than words alone ever can.

Fabrice is from France, near Switzerland, where he grew up playing guitar in the sway of Django Reinhardt, and strains of French Gypsy music. Tracy is a classically trained clarinetist and vocalist. Both are songwriters who write together. Together they have cooked up their own distinctive and fun gumbo of great musicianship and soul.

Their impact has been affirmed by their fans around the world. Even the legendary Quincy Jones let them know they were on the right track. The future of music, he told them, is in doing what they do, merging music from all over the world.

Now comes the fourth chapter of their cultural fusion, dedicated to America, with love and hope. Red, White & Blue, Vol. 4.

On the first day of July, 2020, The Vignatis announced the release of their album, which is available for purchase here, and posted a special lyric video. It was made to substitute for the new music videos that did not get made as the pandemic cancelled all shoots.

But like most musicians and creative people, theys were not derailed for long by the lockdown. Instead they have forged ahead, and finished the new album.

Their songbook keeps expanding. They write all their songs together, and when not writing for their own projects, they are busy writing songs for other artists in every style.

In dissonant times, human harmony is needed more than ever.
Their optimism and spirit of unity is especially resonant now in these
devisive times. It shines through in their music, in this video, and in their words below, written to accompany the video.

In advance of our conversation with the remarkable Vignatis, we bring you this video today from Fabrice and Tracy.

“It has been a very rough road,” they wrote in a message to accompany the new album release. “But we managed to `get er done. We want to thank you all so much for your continued support and patience. We hope you enjoy it and that it adds some joy to your summer.

With much gratitude, 

Fabrice & Tracy Vignati

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