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The Blinks, the fanbase of BLACKPINK, have been steadily growing their ranks since the group debuted in 2016. The four-piece girl group – consisting of Rosé, Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo – has found worldwide success few of their K-Pop peers have.

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Those who had not yet caught the K-Pop bug might have done so when the group headlined Coachella last month, showcasing their string of insatiable hits and powerful stage presence.

Find BLACKPINK’s top 10 songs below.

10. “Ice Cream” (With Selena Gomez)

Save the die-hard K-Pop stans, BLACKPINK was first brought to many people’s attention through their collaborative track with Selena Gomez. “Ice Cream” is sugary and sweet just like its namesake. The foursome keeps things light and bouncy singing the ear candy chorus: Look so good, yeah, look so sweet / Lookin’ good enough to eat / Coldest with the kiss, so he call me ice cream. Gomez fits right in with the group, matching their playful energy note for note.

9. “Stay”

Even if you don’t speak Korean, “Stay” will have you swaying along to every beat. Songs like this showcase the power of a good song. This track is just as effective for those who can’t understand the foursome as it is for those who can.

8. “Kill This Love”

“Kill This Love” makes use of a military aesthetic with a bugle line, a chant-worthy chorus, and a hard-edged tone. They do their best Laura Croft impression in the accompanying music video for this track, suiting up in adventure-worthy outfits and holsters strapped to every limb. BLACKPINK demands attention in “Kill This Love,” presenting with such confidence it’ll have you saying “ma’am, yes ma’am.”

7. “Whistle”

“Whistle” is one of the more subdued efforts in BLACKPINK’s discography. The whistle tone at the beginning of the track is instantly recognizable and sticks with you long after the group hits their final notes.

6. “On The Ground” (Rosé)

Rosé has arguably the most pop radio-ready voice in BLACKPINK. Her lulling vocals can be heard holding down the melody in many of the group’s biggest tracks. Given that, it’s no wonder she shines on her solo songs as well.

Her solo discography is small but mighty with “On The Ground” undoubtedly being the standout. The song is a slow build that erupts into a moving chorus. “On The Ground” feels like a true pop princess anthem, that would likely pull attention even if she didn’t have the BP name backing her up.

5. “How You Like That”

“How You Like That” was one of the songs that helped put BLACKPINK on the map. In classic BP style, the track is deeply hip-hop influenced, complete with sparse synths and an irresistibly catchy chorus. “How You Like That” acted as the lead single for the group’s debut album. As far as introductions go, “How You Like That” is much more a sobering slap in the face than a polite handshake.

4. “Money” (Lisa)

Another BP solo song, “Money” has to be near the top of this list. As their Coachella headlining set made very clear, Lisa shuts down the stage when she comes out to play this track. The singer rattles off lines about getting her bag like, I do the money dance, I just made a hundred bands / When the store says “Sign for it,” I’ma leave my autograph.

Because it’s K-Pop you have to consider the accompanying dance routine to a song when ranking its appeal. Luckily, “Money” has one of BP’s best dance breaks. You’ll struggle to stay in your seat while you watch Lisa hit her mark while performing this bop.

3. “Typa Girl”

BP has some songs where they showcase quiet confidence but, they have far more that go full braggadocious. “Typa Girl” is definitely the latter. This track wraps up the BP effect in a nice bow. While listening to them, you can’t help but stand a little taller, strike some poses, and start feeling like the type of girl that would make you forget that you got a type.

2. “Shut Down”

“Shut Down” sees BLACKPINK boil their swagger-meets-sweet aesthetic down to a science. Few songs encapsulate BP’s appeal better than this one. One listen to this chorus will have you singing it for days on end.

1. “Pink Venom”

“Pink Venom” is BLACKPINK’s signature. At the very beginning of the track, they tease the listener with a repeated chant of “BLACKPINK…BLACKPINK..” They build anticipation right up until you almost can’t stand it before coming in hot with the line Kick in the door, waving the coco.

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