Tribe Friday Drops Concept Video Diary For Fans To See

Have you ever seen a band on tour and wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall? Well, wish and wonder no more.

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Swedish indie-rock outfit Tribe Friday has been enjoying quite a bit of success with their song “Talk So Loud” and gifted some unexpected downtime thanks to COVID-19, the band decided to put together a little something from the video footage from their last US tour.

“As is quite apparent, the video is a mish-mash of stuff that we and others have filmed while out on the road – mostly from our US and Germany tours this spring,” says Noah Deutschmann. “We basically just sent a folder of video content over to our friend/cinematic genius Charlie Petersson and told him to ‘do your thing and make us look good’. I don’t know if the latter was achieved, but it’s (to me at least) a very fun video to watch.”

The concept of a video tour diary is not new but damn if they aren’t always fun to watch. Not only do the fans get to see things from various stops of the tour, if they’re done right, they include backstage and ‘road fun’ video that typically only the band and their road manager get to experience.  Safe to say, Tribe Friday did theirs right in every way.

From this point on, I’m going to turn it over to Noah Deutschmann to be your video tour guide…

“Here’s a few anecdotes I managed to weed out from the plethora of life, traveling, and ‘I was too drunk to remember this’ clips that are squeezed into this 2 ½ minute masterpiece:

0:34 – “Ah yes, the LA hotel pool. Our January US tour kicked off in Los Angeles, and this was filmed on the day of our arrival. I know science and common sense says not to swim while intoxicated, but I would be lying if I said we were 100% ‘there’ in these clips, and you would spot my lie as soon as you saw the scene of me biting into guitarist Isak’s foot (he didn’t have any swimwear and so just sat there splashing his feet in the water, the poor guy). I love these clips because they make me remember the excitement of finally arriving in LA, seeing the scenery we’ve seen in movies all our lives, and, as swedes, being able to swim outside in January. Wow.

1:33 – “This action cam shot of shots is from the last show of our Germany mini-tour with UK punks Miss Vincent back in February. Some stereotypes have a basis in truth, and here’s one of them: the germans have a tendency to drink insane amounts of alcohol. We knew this beforehand. What we didn’t know, however, was that they are also very generous people – and, being such, will buy you drinks in an effort to make you follow their drinking habits for the night. This very friendly guy came up to our merch table and was very determined to have us try a german specialty – the Mexicana (tomato juice, hot sauce, vodka, if I remember correctly). After that, he was determined to have us try 5-6 more of them.

1:51 – “If you read my lips here, you can spot me screaming the word ‘Rattlesnake’. We’re backstage singing ‘Rattlesnake’ by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard with a dozen drunk germans. This was the inevitable result of Mexicana shots, we found out.

1:55 – “Before leaving LA for New York City, we played a really neat Grammy party arranged by our management at HEX Brand DTLA, which was exciting enough. Upon arrival though, we found out that the show was hosted by Corey Feldman (known from The Goonies, amongst other things). Even more exciting. What was completely unexpected though, was this insane speech he embarked on before we went on stage. Watch the video to hear it. Thanks Corey!”

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