Video Premiere: Emily Wolfe, “Violent Veins”

emily wolfe
The Artist: Emily Wolfe, a “dream rocker” from Austin, Texas with a captivating voice.
The Video:  “Violent Veins,” shot in Andy Warhol-inspired studio during the Austin City Limits Festival.
Fun Fact: Wolfe is a badass guitar player, and isn’t afraid to use a smoke machine.
Songwriter Says: “‘Violent Veins’ is a reflection of a semi-superstitious belief I have: the kind of foreshadowing underlaying the story lines of my favorite novels . . . that kind of foreshadowing brings itself to life in the nuances of the everyday. Life imitates art to me, I suppose. ‘Violent Veins’ is a specific example of that — I have always had a thing with accidentally breaking jewelry given to me by a significant other; and in retrospect, I’ve come to realize how predictive that can be. The song is about how life imitates art, but also how genetics run through your veins. Sometimes connecting with those genetics is the only way you know how to get a passionate feeling out of your body — that’s what this song is all about.

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