Video Premiere: Jonah Smith, “Still on Fire”

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The most recent album from Jonah Smith and Andy Stack is called In the Kitchen and the video for “Still on Fire” is just that: musicians, mics, guitars, a stove and a coffee pot if you look close enough. Featuring the vocal talent of She & The Sun’s Melissa Ahern and recorded by Neil Fennel on the first take, the starkness of “Still on Fire” – both visually and musically – reinforces the duo’s mission with this particular album while the cramped close-ups speak to the simple ethos behind it all.

“[It] started with a simple idea: to make a record with no outside help from engineers or producers,” says Smith, “[and] turned into two days of the musicians running wires, taping microphones to ceilings, tacking blankets over windows and generally trying to get things to sound like a record before the first note was played.”


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