Video Premiere: Sahara Smith, “Thousand Secrets”

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We’re proud to debut the new video from Sahara Smith, a young singer-songwriter who’s upcoming debut album, Myth Of The Heart, was “shepherded” by none other than T Bone Burnett (wonder if you can get a Grammy award for that?) With “Thousand Secrets,” Smith’s ethereal pipes pull you in, and her way with words keeps you there. But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video, and read our interview with Sahara below.

Where was the video filmed?

At Laguna Gloria in Austin, Texas. Gorgeous grounds. It’s just beautiful, and it offers so many varieties of landscape. Very dreamy and ethereal.

What was the inspiration for the song?

Oh, lord. Lots of things. A trip to New Orleans when I was 18, stories my Stepdad told about Jacksboro Highway, a boy I loved and lost.

Do you believe it’s okay to have some secrets in relationships and life, or does everyone need to be more honest?

I think everyone needs secrets. I used to hide things around my room when I was little. Mundane things like pencils and playing cards. But still. I was the only one who knew where they were.

Your voice is so pure and beautiful. What kind of training do you have?

I trained a little in speech-level singing, a technique that teaches you to sing without damaging your vocal chords by emulating your natural speech patterns.

What did T Bone Burnett contribute to Myth Of The Heart? What’s it like to have his endorsement as an artist?

It’s amazing to have his endorsement! He’s such an amazing talent to begin with, and he has worked with so many more. Having his support is quite the compliment. His connections provided Myth of the Heart with the world-class musicians that gave it its unique, rich sound. My dream band. And his advice to “relax into the song” and “let it breathe” really helped my vocals sound more natural and easy.

How did he discover you?

I was in a meeting with my management and we were discussing potential producers. I said that T Bone would be my dream come true. I knew it was far-fetched. But they sent him a sample of my music, and he asked us to fly out to LA.

Your first brush with fame was actually a songwriting contest you entered at 15 for Prarie Home Companion.

I have been listening to Prairie Home since I can remember. My dad’s friend heard about the ‘Talent form 12-20’ contest, and on a whim, I sent in some demos of songs I’d written. I tried my best not to think about it, because I “knew” I wouldn’t be chosen. But I was! They flew me to Minnesota, and I performed live. After the first round of the contest, I put my guitar away because I was certain I wouldn’t be called back for round two. But I was! And I wound up winning second place.


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