Liz Bohannon is Ready to Rise with New Single “Wanted”


Country-pop indie artist Liz Bohannon has teamed up with OneRPM to release a new EP, and her single “Wanted” will be available on October 16. Her single is an impassioned break-up anthem, representing the strength and resilience that carries people through heartbreak.

A Nashville native, Bohannon jumped at the chance to work with producer John Stark at David Hodges studio. The result was a powerful track that the team recorded in one go, a demo that made it to release. “We started with a guitar groove and fleshed out the song from there. There was definitely something in the air that day – we both knew it was special,” she said. “We wrote it in a day, and I came back and cut the vocals the next day.”

In a time where people are especially separated by time and distance, the importance of love and forgiveness is foremost in Bohannon’s mind. She expressed her desire for listeners to gain a sense of appreciation for life and the love they have by listening to this song. “I just hope they love it, turn it up, and play it again,” she said with a smile.

Beginning her day with Tulsa Time by Don Williams, Bohannon is a self-proclaimed morning person, feeling most creative right as her day starts. “I make a pot of coffee, open the doors and windows, and then I’m ready to jump in,” she said. “I do most of my writing in my studio at home, but I also have an office where I can go to write. I think it’s helpful and stimulating for writing to shake up your location.”

Having spent much of her early career working under industry veterans such as Rob Jackson, Jeff Trott, and Layng Martine, Bohannon was eager to offer her own advice to aspiring songwriters. “Start doing stuff right away. Don’t wait around for a big break or an important person to come along to make doing ‘a thing’ feel worthwhile,” she said. “Make the little things count, and measure success on your own terms. Go with what you have, where you are. Also, don’t forget to work on other areas of your life, like if music were the steak or fish, and your life the meal as a whole, make sure you’re not neglecting the vegetables and bread rolls on your plate.”

“Wanted” will be released on Bohannon’s YouTube and SoundCloud on October 16, and her EP will be released in late 2020 through OneRPM.

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