Whethan Remixes ‘All In My Head’ With Grunge-House Icon Saint Punk

As evidenced with his body of work (initially singles), Whethan knows how to entice you into a tightly-crafted world of EDM/pop music. On his debut record, Fantasy, released last fall, the acclaimed DJ/producer reached incredible and soaring heights. His sonic universe-building is further proven through a brand new remix of “All In My Head,” featuring grandson, in a collaboration with grunge-house legend Saint Punk.

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With “All In My Head,” one of Whethan’s personal favorite tracks, the Chicago-based creative invited singer/songwriter grandson over to his house one day. The two quickly “cooked up the beat and recorded it the same day,” Whethan says. Later, when he got the idea for a remix, Saint Punk made perfect sense.

“I love the vibe of the original record. I’m all about that dirty ‘70s rock sound,” shares Saint Punk, who knows a thing or two about rock music, where his entire musical journey originally started. He later crashed into the dance music space in 2018. “I just wanted to emphasize that and add a little disco-esque dance flair to it,” he adds.

The new version has a grimier exterior, allowing grandson’s voice to lie in stark contrast to the thumping walls of sound. Somebody call the doctor / I think I’m seeing double, he sings through the electrifying new mix. On my shoulder is a monster / Think that I’m in trouble / Nobody got medicine / No one got a cure / So I’ll keep on the running.

The “All In My Head” remix is only the latest link in a long string of remix experimentation, all centered around his Fantasy record. Whethan has also teamed up with Biicla (“Hurting on Purpose” with K.Flay), Midnight Kids (“Stay Forever” with STRFKR), and Tchami (“Freefall” with Oliver Tree).

A Fantasy remix compilation is slated for spring 2021.

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