Preview Jimi Hendrix’s “Valleys Of Neptune”


A new Jimi Hendrix studio album, dubbed Valleys of Neptune, will hit stores March 9. The album was recorded in 1969, and features 60 minutes of previously unreleased Hendrix music.

Preview the psychedelic title track here, where you can also listen to an interview with album co-producer John McDermott.

The “Valleys” single features an album cover hand-painted by Jimi Hendrix when he was in high school (pictured above.)

McDermott fills us in on the story behind the photo (snapped by the late Linda McCartney) on the LP cover (below), which incorporates Hendrix’s painting.:

-2“The photo was taken in 1968 before she married Paul. Linda was a close friend of Jimi, Mitch, Noel and Eddie Kramer who was trusted with access to recording sessions at the Record Plant for the making of the Electric Ladyland album. Many of her images were featured on the original LP gatefold–Jimi had even requested that her image of the group sitting in Central Park surrounded by children be the cover for the legendary album. She shot the group in concert, in hotel rooms, jamming with friends such as Dave Mason, traveled with them to the Miami Pop Festival, etc. Linda was so generous with her images throughout the years and many have been featured in subsequent releases by EH. We miss her. She was a heck of lady!”