Dream Big: Jacob Jones Of Artist Growth

We polled industry experts for the March/April feature Dream Big: How To Succeed In Today's Volatile Music Business. For those of you who really want to get ahead, here's the full transcript of each interview, with lots of extra insights and advice. Jacob Jones – Singer-Songwriter, Performer; Marketing Director, Artist Growth  I just recorded the best song I ever wrote. What's the new model for getting my music heard. What to do with my demo. First of all, congratulations! Now that you have the song comes the task of getting that song heard! Not to fear, you have written your song in the right time and place, there are more avenues than ever before to get it out. If you're still getting on your feet as an artist, GIVE IT AWAY. Put it on your site (you will need one of those), tell your friends about it online, and throw it on every possible site for free download you can find. Bandcamp is a great place to start, they have a "pay what you want model". This way you're giving it away but your new fans will most likely feel obliged to give you a buck or two. Do I post my music on Facebook, or is there a better place for music. Yes and yes. Post it on Facebook, post it on twitter, post it everywhere. It is good to put it online at a central location and then you can easily see how many are getting downloaded. Some sites even offer you analytics on where those fans live, how old they are, and when they downloaded it. This way you can discover, for example, you are huge with 14 year old... Sign In to Keep Reading

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