Guest Blog: Bleu On Promoting Your Independent Album Release

Bleu My new record To Hell With You is the fifth full-length recording I'm releasing under the name Bleu, and having been around the block a few times now, I'd love to share some of my experiences with you. This new record is now my second successful direct-to-fan launched CD release, this time through the platform PledgeMusic. My first experience was back in 2010 on Kickstarterright before fan-funding really caught on as a new model for indie musicians. My Kickstarter campaign felt like I was careening into the unknown because I had no idea if anyone would be interested in supporting my record in this new way. The whole experience ended up being incredible though. I hit my goal in just one day and made it to almost 500% in the end. Through the Kickstarter "rewards" I was able to make meaningful direct connections with people who love my music, and with their tremendous support, I was able to tour, hire PR and put my record out with a distribution deal through Redeye. My decision to use PledgeMusic for my second fan-funded release was purely one of experimentation and exploration (there are many reasons to use Pledge vs. Kickstarter or vice-versa and I highly suggest you do a lot of research on both – look at other people’s projects – and make an educated choice for yourself - both platforms have a lot to offer). Since I now fully embrace my independent artist status, and these new models are becoming more and more the norm – I'm working on the theory that there are no rules now when it comes to... Sign In to Keep Reading

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