Mindset of the Successful Independent Musician: The Peter Sprague Interview


The Nov/Dec Measure for Measure, “Leap of Faith,” completes a trilogy of columns designed to help aspiring singer/songwriters. Here are the other two:

1) “Write a Road Song” (Sep/Oct 2016, Kris Kristofferson issue), provided a roadmap to writing a song in this popular genre.

2) “YouTube Revolution” (Nov/Dec 2015) showed how to get your song heard in the online environment. For ease of access, I’ve reissued this column as an e-book you can get by emailing [email protected] and typing “Request YouTube Revolution eBook” in the subject line. To get all “Measure for Measure” e-books (including the above), just type “Request Measure for Measure eBooks”.

If you find that uncertainty over technical aspects of songwriting is hanging you up, the e-books will help, along with past columns archived online (the count now stands at 28). The e-books are free, so don’t hesitate to email a request.

The trilogy makes up a plan of action: 1) Write a song, 2) put it before the public, and 3) rinse and repeat until you’re a pro. When we’re starting out on the musician’s path, we need heroes to emulate, and Peter Sprague, the subject of “Leap of Faith,” is as fine an example of a successful independent musician as one could find. An extensive bio is available on his website, petersprague.com, but a brief recap of his career highlights includes the following:

Called “One of the emergent great guitarists” by jazz pianist,... Sign In to Keep Reading

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