Guest Blog: British Soul Artist Jo Harman On Recording In Nashville

joharman_204-1-2 For our guest blog series, British soul singer-songwriter Jo Harman weighed in on the experience of recording her sophomore album, People We Become, in Nashville. Find out more about the record, which comes out February 10, at Pledge Music. Nashville is an incredibly inspiring place and although I had much of the album written long before I came to record in the City, it's very fair to say that even knowing I would be coming to Nashville, and working at legendary studios like Sound Emporium with great musicians and a great producer, was inspirational in itself. An inspiration as I sat in my East London bedroom, plonking away on guitar or piano by myself, writing the final songs for the record, just imagining how those musicians were really going to give my musical vision real life and shape. My excitement had been fueled by a taste of it all already when I had originally visited a few months prior to the main ‘event,’ to record two songs, “Lend Me Your Love” and “When We Were Young” (the one Michael McDonald later featured on) with producer Fred Molin and the band he'd put together. This was really to see if it ‘fit’ - if Fred and I worked, if the band worked. It's safe to say when I heard those guys play the tunes, I all but cried … and in a good way of course. My own UK band are all amazing players but the Nashville guys just took things to a different level. My music is a strange blend of British influences from the ‘golden age of music,’ largely inspired by my Father's record collection (think Beatles to Cat Stevens to Moody Blues kinda vibe) merged with African American influences, not least Aretha Franklin, gospel and classic soul. As... Sign In to Keep Reading

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