Taddy Porter: Stay Golden


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Taddy Porter
Stay Golden
(Primary Wave)
Rating: 3.5 stars (out of 5)

In Taddy Porter’s world, it’s still 1965 and the Standells are the best band in the world. The Stillwater, OK based quartet hasn’t just absorbed its Nuggets collection though as they plow through US and UK garage rockers with the occasional swampy mid-tempo ballad to break up the pattern. The songs are tight, tough and informed by the best aspects of garage rockers that yearn for the arena. Echoes of the Yardbirds, old Deep Purple, the Kinks and even Motown on the swinging “Fever” keep the retro fires burning, yet this isn’t just a trawl through your father’s musical influences. The quartet writes tough hook driven burners that, with every track under four minutes, never overstay their welcome. Frontman/singer Andy Brewer sports a distinctive voice; he struts and pouts and perfectly drives these taut pop-rockers. Reverberations of the Doors are evident in the booming Morrison-isms of “Evil” and the band sure can swing when called upon, evidenced by the finger popping, Spencer Davis Group styled “You Can Count on Me.” Fun and frisky, Taddy Porter creates a vibe that makes you yearn for simpler days when we anxiously awaited the next Austin Powers movie.



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