1st Place | “Mockingbird”

1st Place
George Kamel
Mobile, Alabama

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Mockingbird don’t you mock no more
I’m sick and tired and my brain is sore
Mocking proud as you sing your tune
Making noise as you perch and croon

I’m sorry friend, but you gotta leave
Your same old songs have got me peeved
It’s been fun but you gotta go
Come by someday and say hello

Please forgive for what I said
I was out of touch I’d lost my head
You’re a sweet old bird and I miss your songs
I wanna harmonize and sing along

I’m sorry friend, that I was cruel
Didn’t mean to be such a fool
It’s been hard without you near
Come back my friend I’ll lend my ear
Come back my friend I need you here
Come back my friend your home is here


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