1st Place | “Someone Thinks Of You”

1st Place

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Look how the clock it quivers
Look how the time goes fast
Look how the years have made a change
To all the things we thought would last

We can’t afford to be wealthy
From now on we must stick to what is kind
There’s really nothing that the rich man has
That the poor man can’t hold in his mind

On the far side of this small town
The drive-in has just closed down
A dreamless picture of a dreamless sleep
With the black flies circling around
But when you’ve got nothing else to do
Remember sometimes somewhere someone still thinks of you

We worked all through that first summer
And we slaved for the joy we could find
The boss let us have a radio
It played the one about the strawberry wine

I’m glad you’ve chosen the good life
And your children will have horses to ride
I’m glad your heart has published
All the great things it used to hide

I have burned all of my bad books
I have scattered my sad seeds
If there’s one thing I have learned from you
It’s that the conflict brings the key

When you dream in shades of blue
Remember sometimes somewhere someone still thinks of you


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