Song Premiere: Mark Mallman, “Double Silhouette”

Mark Mallman doesn’t shy away from big ideas.

In 2010, the Minneapolis-based musician staged Marathon 3, a “non-stop, non-sleep, 78-hour song with 576-pages of lyrics and 110 guest musicians,” which 25,000 people watched via webcast. Our review of that song is still pending. However, on September 15, Mallman will launch “Marathon IV: Road Rogue, “a transcontinental, bio-generated, one-man, non-stop, seven-day, 150-plus hour music performance” that will take him from New York to Los Angeles. In your face, Marathon 3! For more on Mallman’s ambitious adventure, visit

For a shorter sampling of his talents, check out “Double Silhouette,” a clever break-up song that lasts a mere three minutes. It’s from the album Double Silhouette, out October 9.

“The title track, ‘Double Silhouette’, is a reference to the opening credits of The Big Sleep where Bogart and Bacall share a cigarette,” explains Mallman. “I was watching my favorite movie, ‘Casablanca,’ and Rick was just sitting there at the bar by himself. Here was this guy far from home, totally alone when his ex-girlfriend shows up with a new guy. I could totally relate. It’s a noir battlefield of car crashes and lightning strikes. It’s about being too sad for words.”