Song Premiere: Xavier Rudd, “Comfortable In My Skin”

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Australian singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Xavier Rudd will release his seventh studio album, Spirit Bird, on June 5. Listen to the album track “Comfortable in My Skin” below.

“‘Comfortable In My Skin’ came through me in a time when I was suffering from major nerve pain pre- back surgery,” says Rudd. “It was an interesting time of reflection for me as I have always been a physical person and to feel physically disabled was a new experience. There had been a lot of change and some heavy heart ache in my life in the years prior, and I felt like it had all manifested in my back and presented as a sign that it was time to move forward and remember to nurture myself more in this life. So, the song came from that place of rising up as an individual on a new path, giving thanks to the universe for my health and well being, and all the beautiful gifts life has brought me.”

Xavier Rudd, “Comfortable In My Skin”

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