Full Album Stream: Filligar, Hexagon


Filligar headed overseas last month, traveling to Azerbaijan as part of a U.S. State Department program aimed at spreading American art to a worldwide audience. It was the band’s first time traveling to that part of the globe, but Filligar — a Chicago-based rock quartet whose new album, Hexagon, hits stores on July 23 — are used to daily grind of the road. In fact, they recorded their new album while still touring in support of its predecessor, finding time between shows to lay down the new tracks in Chicago and L.A.

We were still touring on the last record,” explains bandmate Casey Gibson, “but we’d have a week off, sometimes two weeks, so we’d go into the studio and track a couple of songs. We’ve never done a piecemeal record before — everything was always done in intense, non-stop sessions ’til the album was finished — so it was an experiment in patience. It ended up being a cool way to do a record. When I listen back to it now, I’m reminded of all the music we’d been listening to over the past two years — and all the memories that music evokes. It’s a yearbook album for me, rather than a snapshot.”

Stream the full album below, and pre-order it here.