Gearing Up: JBL EON ONE, LD Maui 5 Ultra Portable Column Speaker System

JBL-EONone-Hero-02 JBL EON ONE The JBL EON ONE is an all-in-one, easy to transport column-type PA that borrows from the company’s history of line array speaker research and their experience with large touring systems. It puts that technology in a small box that’s a one-hand carry. It not only sounds good — it could change the way you think about portable sound systems. As a working musician, if you can’t move your sound system, set it up quickly or, if you find yourself reaching in to try and beat feedback for the first set, your sound system needs an overhaul. The design of the EON One makes everything convenient. With no speaker wires to fuss with, speaker stands to unpack, and an integrated mixer at your disposal, you can have your sound system set up to cover a fair-sized room in seconds. A solo songwriter could carry just two cables — one for voice, and one for an instrument. Just one more thing about the physical design: the “stick” part of the system breaks down into three pieces that are stored right in the bottom part of the system, locked down by a protective handle that covers the mixer. The entire unit weighs in the neighborhood of 40 lbs., so it’s easy to carry and fits nicely in a trunk or seat. For the more technical, the system integrates 380-watts of amplification with a six-channel mixer that provides volume, reverb, treble and bass controls. The first two channels are designed for microphone or instrument inputs, channels three and four are line level stereo inputs and channels five and six are 3.5mm iPod or Bluetooth inputs. A 10-inch subwoofer provides a tight and full bottom end that’s ideal for acoustic instruments and the “stick” houses six 2-inch speakers in a setup that enhances the system’s area of coverage. Like... Sign In to Keep Reading

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