Richmond’s Minor Poet Get Dreamy in New Tune “River Days”

Photo courtesy of the artist

Staying truly present in the moment isn’t an easy thing to do. When it happens, though, it can be transcendent. Richmond’s Minor Poet explore that phenomenon in their new song “River Days,” the second single off their forthcoming album And How! The dreamy, harmony-rich track is the perfect soundtrack to a slow float down an endless river, just in time for summer.

“’River Days’ refers to a state of mind,” frontman Andrew Carter says. “It’s about the days when the dread and malaise of life maroons you on your own inner island, and the only way out is to succumb to the flow. Built around a recurring organ riff and chunking guitars, the song layers in Beach Boy-esque harmonies that crescendo in an angelic choir breakdown. There’s nothing quite as iconic to Richmond as the James River. It winds through the heart of the city and serves as a natural escape for many who live here. The song was written during a period where I longed for the type of spiritual release embodied in the lazy days at the river where nothing matters more than enjoying the moment.”

And How! is out August 25 via EggHunt Records. Listen to “River Days” below.