3 Heart Performances That Were (Almost) Better Than The Recorded Track

Heart is still rockin’ in 2024, with a new tour lined up and new music allegedly coming later this year. But one can’t help but look back at performances past that have been real testaments to how talented the duo of Ann and Nancy Wilson are. We’ve picked three killer performances that are (arguably) better than the original recorded song.

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1. ‘Alone’ – The Royal Albert Hall, 2016

“Alone” is one of the hits from Heart’s 1987 album Bad Animals. This performance is ethereal and must have been incredible to see in person. Backed by the sound of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, with Nancy Wilson armed with only an acoustic guitar and Ann Wilson with only her impressive voice. It’s both stripped-down and over-the-top at the same time.

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2. ‘Kick It Out’ – The Late Show with Foo Fighters, 2014

This incredible performance is a testament to how talented the duo behind Heart really are. It’s not easy for any band to perform live with another band, especially a band from a completely different era. Foo Fighters and Heart worked beautifully together for this performance, and the combo of Foo Fighters’ heavy sound and Ann Wilson’s pipes just works.

3. ‘Going To California’ – Hampton Beach, 2021

Alright, so it is highly debatable whether or not this cover is better than the original track. It really probably isn’t. Don’t @ us! However, Ann Wilson absolutely kills this cover of the Led Zeppelin song “Going To California”, so it’s worth a spot on this list. Wilson’s voice has only changed marginally through the years, and this performance proves that her talent has endured time in a way most musicians can only dream of.

Photo by Criss Cain courtesy of Heart’s Facebook page

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