3 Heart Songs That Were Inspired By Real Events

Legendary rock duo Heart has a huge catalog of amazing songs that have stood the test of time. However, fans may not know that some of those songs are based on real-life events. Let’s take a look at three songs by Heart that were based on and inspired by real events.

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1. “Barracuda” – 1977

“Barracuda” is without a doubt Heart’s most well-known song to date. The track was also based on a real-life event. Specifically, it was an interaction with a rather rude individual, which guitarist Nancy Wilson said was “one sleazy guy at a record company or promoter — I can’t even remember where from, exactly.”

The sleazebag in question had inappropriately insinuated that Nancy and her sister, vocalist and Heart band member Ann Wilson, were secretly lovers. The result was an anger-fuelled recording session the next day, which resulted in the famous song “Barracuda”.

2. “Magic Man” – 1975

“Magic Man” was another track from Heart that was based, in part, on real-life events. The song is about a young woman who is seduced by an older man, and her mother is quite angry about the whole thing. 

During an interview, Ann noted that the titular “Magic Man” was her boyfriend at the time, manager Michael Fisher. She said that part of the song was quite autobiographical and how it portrayed the beginnings of their relationship.

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3. “Dog & Butterfly” – 1978

“Dog & Butterfly” is a bit of a deep cut for Heart fans. It’s also one of their more folksy songs when compared to the more hard-rock sound of their previous work. Ann had said in a years-old interview that the song was inspired by one particular experience. 

Ann was looking out of a window and saw a dog playfully chasing a butterfly. She saw inspiration in the simple sight, and decided to write “Dog & Butterfly” about the value of pursuing your dreams, even when it’s hard.

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