Slash is a Big Fan of Gojira, Metallica’s ‘72 Seasons’ Album

During a recent interview on Coffee With Ola on YouTube, famed Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash talked about what he’s been listening to recently. And some fans are surprised by his answer.

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“All kinds of sh*t,” the musician, who is currently promoting his new blues cover released titled Orgy Of The Damned, responded when asked about his current rotation. “I obviously have been listening to a lot of blues as of lately, but mostly old blues. But there’s a lot of great new stuff that’s out there. 

Slash went on to say that he’s been a big fan of the work of Derek Trucks, Chris Buck, and more.

“I mean, Derek Trucks isn’t new anymore, but still really brilliant,” he continued. “There’s a guy I always mention, ’cause he’s really good, named Chris Buck who I’m friends with. He puts stuff on Instagram, and it’s really awesome. There’s a lot of players all around. A lot of ’em, I don’t even know their names, but they’re fucking mindblowing. Social media has opened up a whole new world of players out there.”

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What is Slash Listening To in 2024?

In terms of what bands he’s been digging, Slash opened up a bit more about the fellow rockers he’s been listening to. It looks like AC/DC, Queens Of The Stone Age, Gojira, Metallica, and Dirty Honey are on repeat.

“But as far as bands are concerned, mostly the stuff that I’ve been listening to are older bands with new records,” Slash continued. “AC/DC had a new record. That was really good. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE’s got a new record. I love GOJIRA; it’s great. The new METALLICA is fucking amazing. So there’s a lot of new stuff in that vein. And then as far as new bands are concerned, I think DIRTY HONEY was pretty cool. I think that was a really good new rock band that sort of has that old school style that’s actually pretty genuine.”

Slash also went on to say that he hasn’t been listening to new metal bands other than Gojira, but he is quite a fan of the last Megadeth record.

Orgy Of The Damned is set for a May 17 release. Slash will also be touring across the US in 2024.

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